AIR BLUE, to prevent airborne infections in a safe way.

Air Blue lowers continuously the microbial load for ˃ 99%, as results in numerous clinical studies carried out in various hospitals during the last 20 years. It uses in an innovate way and in absolute safety the UV-C rays technology to neutralize any kind of viruses, bacteria and spores present in the air. 
There is no possibility to be exposed directly to the UV-C rays as the rays are confined inside the Active Pack thanks to the optical labyrinths patent which prevents the escaping during its functioning.
Therefore it can be used in presence of people without any risk.
In other words Air Blue is one of the most efficient and secure air purifiers present on the market. The device is ozone-free.

Recent studies testify that the UV-C rays denature the DNA and RNA of the viral pathogens rendering inactive the irradiated cells, as also in the case of the SARS-COV-2 virus.
Every microorganism inside the Air Blue is being exposed to a 254nm irradiation, which results in being the most efficient wavelength to obtain the maximum germicidal effect.
By using Air Blue you’ll reduce the risk of contamination by microparticles suspended in the air which are emitted by the sneezing and coughing of a person affected by Covid-19.

Air Blue has an air flow of more than 400m3/h with a disinfection efficacy that exceeds 99% at every passage of air inside the device. This way you’re able to sanitize in complete safety every kind of environment like operation rooms, intensive care units, clinics, waiting rooms, restaurants, offices, schools, kindergartens and shops.
Air Blue can be simply installed to the wall in a quick and safe way or mounted on the specific pedestal with wheels.  

Air Blue is very easy to maintain. After 9000 hours of continuous functioning (equale to 365 days) the UV-C lamps become less efficient. A led will turn on 30 days before the exhaustion of the lamps. In order to replace and to make the system as new, the entire Active Pack containing the UV-C lamps, the alluminium sheets and optical labyrinths, will be replaced. This happens in just a few seconds, without even the need to turn of the device. The first installation and the subsequent replacement cartridges are supplied with 6 antidust filters to be changed every 2 months to protect the internal part of the device from dust.

Clinical Studies and Brochure:
Several clinical studies have been carried out in the last 20 years in various hospitals in Italy and abroad to show the efficacy and the performance of the Air Blue.

Among those:

Article on “Journal of Clinical Microbiology” University of Milan
>> Institute of Respiratory Diseases
Prof. L. Allegra, Dr. F. Blasi

Article on “Quintessence International” University of Milan
Medicine and Surgery Faculty >> Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Prof.ssa Laura Strohmenger, Dr. E. Brambilla, Dr. M. Cagliani, Dr. L. Fadini, Dr. A Felloni

University of Milan
Medicine and Surgery Faculty >> Inst. of Plastic Surgery
Prof. Luigi Donati
>> Institute Pasteur of Paris
Prof. A. Dodin
>> University of Genua – Institute of Hygiene
Prof. Crimi, Dr.ssa De Mite

University of Milan
>> Niguarda Cà Grande Hospital, Health Department of Milan
Dr. P. Crollari,Dr. Fontana,
>> Annunziata Hospital, Florence Lab of Sexual Transm. Diseases
Dr. La Guardia, S. Mazzoli,
>> L. Sacco Hospital, Health Department of Milan
Dr.ssa Perna, Pr. Salvaggio

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