What are UV-C rays?
Ultraviolet rays are electricmagnetic radiations emitted by the sun, which wavelength is positioned between the visible light and the ionizing radiation, like X-rays and gamma. The wavelengths between 200 and 250 are called UV-C and those are harmful to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. UV damages the molecular bonds of the DNA of the microorganisms at a wavelength of 254nm, becoming this way harmless and preventing from growing and reproduction.

How does a germicidal lamp function?
A germicidal lamp is a special lamp that produces UV-C (ultraviolet) rays, at a frequency that enables the lowering of more than 99,9% of the pathogens microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, molds present in the air and on the surfaces.   The ultraviolet rays are used also as an energy source to the catalytic combustion, which is an air purification process that lowers polluting substances by oxidation. UV-C rays are harmful for people, who may not be directly exposed to the rays. Therefore we have developed Air Blue 330 which makes the use of UV-C lamps safe.

What are the applications?
There are two types of sanification products, which can be used singularly, to lower the risk, or simultaneously, for a complete sanification.

– Air purification system like Air Blue 330
The air flows through a silence fan system into the chamber of the purifier where the germicidal UV-C lamps are situated and where the air is being sanitized, then the sterilized air flows out into the environment. The Air Blue 330 system may function continuously even in presence of people without the need of turn-overs.

– Surface and objects purification systems
the UV-C sources neutralizes the growing of spores, viruses and bacteria in proportion to the energy with which they are targeted. So a room which is irradiated with UV-C lights can be sterilized in a few minutes. Naturally the irradiation power (number and power of the lamps) has to be proportional to the dimensions of the surface and during the irradiation nobody as to be present. People who manage the UV-C lamps must wear protective clothing and goggles. Or the UV-C lamps can be installed inside boxes (cabinets, drawers etc.) and switched on to sanitize in a few minutes what’s inside.

The Air Blue 330 UV-C sanification system doesn’t require any maintenance nor specialized staff, it’s safe and easy to use.
Furthermore it’s eco-friendly as it doesn’t require the use of chemical solvents, it doesn’t release any kind of residues nor does it produce ozone.

How is the efficacy guaranteed by UV-C systems?
We may establish the “DOSE” of UV-C produced by the Air Blue 330, through the quantity of energy produced by each UV-C lamp and by the quantity of lamps installed inside the device, multiplied by the time of use. This gives us the evidence of the germicidal efficacy as also shown in numerous clinical studies.